A club for the elite beer drinker

Be the best beer-drinker you can be. The fact that you are a regular brewery patron proves that you are an individual of fine taste. We therefore invite you to join Firehouse Brewing Company's Mug Club. Members receive discounts and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of members only events. It's a great way to save money, expand your beer palate, meet other craft beer lovers in the area and support your local pub.

Free Beer

Get one free beer, every month for an entire year. If you miss the month, you miss the beer.


Get $4 pints always

Happy Hour food pricing year round


Get access to member's only parties, events and tastings.

Free T-shirt

Get a free Mug Club exclusive t-shirt every year.


Spend money = Earn free stuff

Spend $100: receive a free appetizer or dessert

Spend $250: get a free logo pint glass

Spend $500: get a free growler and fill

Spend $100: get a free lighted pub sign

Free Birthday Beer

Get a free beer on your Birthday