South Dakota Hops

Just South of Rapid City South Dakota, the Firehouse hop farm comes alive with activity as harvest begins.

20 Can’t miss breweries across the Midwest

It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover; thanks to the current craft boom, it’s possible to find local brews in more communities than ever before. Why does that matter? Because many of these new companies are woven into the fabric of their communities, founded by dreamers and risk-takers brewing a taste of the neighborhood in the form of pale ales and lagers.

The most popular craft beers from each state

Thanks to the Beer Hunt App , thrillist.com, and the internet, theChive has determined the most popular craft beers produced by each state. Did your favorite craft beer make the list?

A Guide to Craft Beer in South Dakota

Whether you made the rounds at 605 Summer Classic beer tasting a few weeks ago or you’re totally new to the local brew scene, we’ve got vital information on South Dakota’s killer craft beers and the breweries that bring them to the public.

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