The last day of school

The last day of school. Normally, this day is filled with boisterous kids running around the school with backpacks overflowing with an entire year of papers, projects and school supplies. Teachers desks are filled with flowers, coffee mugs, and homemade … Read More

Hooray for Rosé

Like many people, for years I had a perception that all rosé wines were sweet. It likely goes back to my Boone’s Farm early college years where for $2.95, I think, I could buy a bottle of Strawberry Hill and … Read More

Mythical Margarita Recipe

Let’s mix it up with this Mythical Margarita. 1 bottle of dry Firehouse Wine Cellars’ Mythical Beast18 oz of margarita mix2 shots of your favorite tequilahalf cup of triple secsaltlimeice

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