Firehouse Brewing Co. has been crafting beer in Downtown Rapid City for 25 years – making us the oldest operating brewery in the state of South Dakota.

    • Each year we make around 40 unique beer styles, and have 9 brews on tap at any given time.
    • We use a 10 barrel system
    • It takes between 350-620 lbs of grain and 4-19 lbs of hops to create a typical batch.
    • Most sugars used for fermentation are derived from barley however we occasionally use adjunct ingredients for specialty and seasonal beers. In the past we have infused our beer with honey, spruce tips, orange zest, cacao, mint and ginger just to name a few
      • Any leftover grain is used to feed animals at local farms.
    • The brewing process takes approximately 7 hours, excluding fermentation