Roussanne Fondue

We love cooking with wine, sometimes we even put it in the food! This recipe was crafted with pairing in mind; try this cheesy masterpiece with a crisp dry white wine like our Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc or a dry rosé. … Read More

Firehouse Cabernet Burger Recipe

Grilling is so much better with Firehouse wine. Try this easy recipe for one of the BEST (and booziest) backyard burgers we have ever had. 2 cups Firehouse Cabernet Sauvignon 2 Tbsp brown sugar 1 lb lean ground beef Olive … Read More

Mythical Margarita Recipe

Let’s mix it up with this Mythical Margarita. 1 bottle of dry Firehouse Wine Cellars’ Mythical Beast18 oz of margarita mix2 shots of your favorite tequilahalf cup of triple secsaltlimeice

Thank you for your support and patience during these uncertain times.

Firehouse Wine Cellars and Firehouse Smokejumper Station are now open for dine-in and tastings. ¿Que Pasa? Cantina and Firehouse Brewing Co. will open May 8, 2020. Our employee’s and guest’s health is paramount, so in addition to following food safety … Read More

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