Wine and Holidays

Happy holiday season from the Firehouse family to yours! Enjoy these great local wine pairings selected by our in-house Sommelier and Wine Club Manager – Kara Sweet. Cheers to you and yours from us and ours!

Rushmore Riesling
Old Vine Zinfandel

With Turkey

Thanksgiving food is a favorite.  The turkey… the dressing…the cranberry sauce… the sweet potatoes… there are many wonderful tastes.  However, so many different flavor profiles can be difficult with which to pair.  Problem solved:  Pinot Noir!
Pinot Noirs are great pairing wines, especially with the earthy, savory, and sweet Thanksgiving staples.  Firehouse Wine Cellars Pinot Noir’s cherry, pomegranate, earth, and eucalyptus make it the exact wine for this meal.

With Ham

Ham is a very versatile holiday food.  Its salty goodness works at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A great wine to have with it is also a versatile wine—Riesling.  Great Rieslings are made all over the world, but the key to a good holiday pairing is to find a drier style—Firehouse Wine Cellars Rushmore Riesling is wonderfully off-dry.  The minerality, melon, and golden-delicious apple are a perfect complement to salty ham.

With Prime Rib

Prime rib is the ultimate dinner from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s.  Bold, flavorful beef needs a bold, flavorful wine.  Something that matches the elegance of the meal, such as a Zinfandel from old vines.  Firehouse Wine Cellars makes the perfect Old Vine Zinfandel to match the robust beef and its rich au jus.  Our Zin is filled with blueberry, plum, white pepper, and caramelized sugar, making it complement the savory rubs on a prime rib roast. 

With Dessert

Port-style wines make a great dessert themselves at any time.  They are fortified with neutral grape spirits—brandy—and make for warm and rich sipping with food or on their own.  They are also great for pairing with other desserts of the holiday season. Firehouse’s Cherries Jubilee was aged in a Jack Daniels barrel to give it complexity.  On the palate the fig, raspberry jam, dark chocolate pair well with cheese plates, chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate, and fruit cake. 

Tradition is made from locally grown Marquette grapes.  The fig, brown sugar, and baking spices lead to a satiny finish.  Tradition pairs well with dark chocolate truffles, bread pudding, cinnamon rolls, Christmas Eve, gifts, and the holiday spirit.

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