Brewery – Winter 2016

Brewery – Winter 2016

Deer Beerski
Deer BeerSki created in partnership with Deer Mountain Ski Resort

We have had a busy fall. Making our new Bell Tower Lager has been a rewarding challenge with great side benefits. We have almost doubled our fermentation and aging capacity and we are ready for you to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. We would like to thank Alicia Salas and Mark Brockman from Deer Mountain Ski Resort for coming to collaborate on Deer Beerski. This smooth extra special bitter will be great for warming up after coming off the slopes.

Few know that Alicia was an original MTV Veejay. She can also make snow fall from the sky by spinning around really really fast. Mark is from parts unknown and had a short career as a professional wrestler in Mexico. He is also able to sharpen the edges of skis and snowboards using only the power of his mind. We had a great time brewing with these two and hope you enjoy our interpretation of this classic style.

We would also like to thank the Rushmore Rollerz for coming back to help us with our traditional Krampus Gingerbread Beer.

The Krampus Ale is the fuel that drives the Krampus Bar Krawl held on the first Friday in December. It also doubles as our Christmas beer.

These ladies recently uncovered buried treasure hidden beneath the local YMCA. Among the priceless artifacts found were a rotary dial telephone, a Susan B Anthony dollar coin, and a .38 Special 8-track tape. It’s always a treat when these ladies come down and we think this is the best batch ever.

Congratulations go out to another locally owned business as the Colonial House moves into it’s new location just 2 blocks south from the their previous spot on Mt. Rushmore Road. To celebrate Max BeShara and Lee Pourier helped create Firehouse ColoniALE. This is a robust American amber with just a hint of sweetness from the use of wildflower honey. Look for this beer on tap at The Colonial House and at Firehouse Brewing Company. These nice young men were tireless in their beer making efforts, allowing Zach and I to sleep through most of the morning.

Little known Colonial House secrets? The noodles for their world famous chicken noodle soup are grown by Lee on a secret noodle farm in a remote location in the Black Hills; their incredible cinnamon rolls are actually made by a group of small genies who have dedicated their lives to making delicious baked goods for Max’s family after one of his ancestors freed them from a life trapped inside of a whale in 1832; and there is a standing offer of a free liver and onions dinner to the person that can legally prove that they are Elvis Presley. They know you are out there.

Thank you for choosing the Firehouse Brewing Co and for allowing us to do what we love…
Making the World a Better Place 8 Barrels at a Time
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