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From the Winery – Fall 2015


Rich TanguayHeading into harvest we are excited and marginally reluctant as the impending work load will heavily curtail our drinking schedule. Having just muddled through the grueling summer months, we can now welcome the grapes – woot.

Our brewers – Mike Kilroy and Zach Steele – have been brewing constantly to keep up with our thirsty clients and they have completed brewing their first, super yummy lager. Lagering tanks were installed in my winery without my prior knowledge or approval but that’s how things seem to be run around here. Far be it from me to scoff at freshly brewed beer inside and next to my wine tanks. Let’s just hope they are keeping close track of the gallons they produce as winemakers are known to enjoy the odd pint or eight.

This year along with bringing in our incredible South Dakota grapes from Old Folsom Vineyards down the road a stitch, we are preparing to bottle our next vintages of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Oak Chardonnay and Orange Muscat.Unfortunately and much to my chagrin, our fearless leader – Mike Kilroy – will not be present for our upcoming bottling shenanigans as he is attending a G8 conference with the leaders of the free world in the Iceland capital of Reykjavik.

Along with Mike, Zack Steele, our intrepid Master of All that is Fermented (or MAF as he’s referred to professionally) will be accompanying to oversee Kilroy’s modest but appropriate Firehouse stipend. Kilroy has been known to use these appropriated funds in highly questionable activities and once we were forced to physically extract him from a very hostile Moroccan authority.

On a serious note, Robert Fuchs – President of Firehouse will be handing out crisp, freshly minted five dollar bills to anyone that volunteers for our upcoming two day bottling event regardless of age, race, religious or political views, sporting affiliations or clothing choices. Water will also be offered, upon request.

I, however, will continue to act in a highly professional manner as I singlehandedly craft each and every Firehouse wine. I will painstakingly submit my mind and body to the rigors of winemaking while others go on vacations or ply the masses with graft — just to be liked.

From all of us here in the winery (but mostly me) we want to thank you for your continued support of our wines. We look forward (mostly me, again) to seeing you in our tasting room sharing a glass with friends and family.

Rich Tanguay, Winemaker.

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